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  Stories of a Colorful World is committed to supporting parents who want to raise bold, brave, and brilliant children that love to read. We provide parents with resources, educational tips, and book recommendations to increase diverse representations of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) characters, amplify #ownvoice authors and help cultivate your children’s love of reading.

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Books that Embrace the Power of Imagination

Children’s books are chock full of wild things happening-magical kingdoms, talking animals, and all sorts of fantastical events.  Preschoolers to elementary-aged children can live life through the eyes of wonder and imagination.  All month we’ve been talking about the benefits…

The Importance of Imaginative Play

As an early childhood educator, I would often hear, “How hard could your job possibly be?  All young children do is play all day.”  Although this was a gross misrepresentation of what my job entailed, I realized play is often…

5 Tips for Raising Imaginative Kids

In a world that is so consumed with deadlines, goals, and more information than we have the ability to process, it can be difficult to tap into our creative sides.  People who dream are often designated to labels such as…

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