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  Stories of a Colorful World is an online children’s bookstore that understands every child deserves to see themselves in the books they read.  We exclusively carry books featuring diverse representations of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) main characters, written by BIPOC authors because they are grossly underrepresented in children’s books, with only a 36% share of the published market.  We want children to grow up embracing their bold, brilliant and beautiful selves, so we believe they should be surrounded by stories as colorful as the world they live in.  

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Books are powerful tools to stimulate a child’s imagination and unleash their true potential. Our books feature characters that are bold, brilliant and beautiful just like the kids reading them.  Click the icons to unlock more.


Adventure, Bravery, Empowerment, and Advocacy


Education, STEM, and Leadership


Beauty, Individuality, Self-love, Culture, and Community

Stories of a Colorful World x YAP: Making BIPOC Stories Mainstream

Inclusivity in the publishing industry is not standard practice. Especially for children’s books, failure to represent generations of diverse young readers is common. While BIPOC…

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Fall Into a Good Book

Fall is in full swing and the temperatures are beginning to drop. Kids are getting busier with schoolwork and what better way to spend time…

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Books to Kickoff Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month, also referred to as Hispanic Heritage Month officially begins on September 15th and runs through October 15th.  You may be wondering, "why…

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