The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in Paris I Asha Gore & Serena Minott


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The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete tell the stories of a little girl named Aya, who travels the world with her parents and her buddy, Pete. Whether they are trying croque-monsieur sandwiches in Paris or exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico, Aya and Pete are always ready for the adventure and excitement of exploring a new place.

In this Book, Aya & Pete travel to Paris, the City of Light! After an early morning wake-up from Mommy, Aya has to get ready for her trip, but there’s much to do before they get going. Thankfully, her buddy Pete is there to lend a hand! At the airport, Aya & Pete are greeted by friendly flight attendants as they get ready to fly to Paris. Once they arrive in Paris, Aya is intrigued by the new foods and colorful pastries she finds in a local Parisian café. Later, Aya and Pete set about exploring the sights of Paris, including the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Jardin du Luxembourg. And of course, no trip to Paris is complete without a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Each story in the Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete travel series features a different destination and highlights interesting aspects of the city or country – geography, language, food, culture, currency and key landmarks – through fun exchanges between Aya and Pete. At the end of each story, Aya collects a souvenir unique to the destination to remind her of their travels.

This children’s travel book series is a must-have for young travelers. Intended audience is children ages 3-8 years old. Features diverse, multicultural lead characters and a female protagonist.


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