Lands of Scientia I Geremiah DelValle


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Embark on an extraordinary adventure unlike any other in “Lands of Scientia” by young author Geremiah DelValle. Join three middle school friends, known as the Freedom Trio, on a thrilling journey through the enchanting Lands of Scientia, where scientific wonders and magical discoveries await at every turn.

Filled with fascinating scientific facts about diverse habitats and the creatures that inhabit them, this captivating page-turner seamlessly blends education with imagination. As readers follow the Freedom Trio’s quest to save Scientia, they’ll be swept away by the excitement of the journey and the challenges the trio faces.

From the lush forests to the depths of the ocean, each habitat presents its own unique challenge, testing the trio’s powers and their bond of friendship. Will they have what it takes to overcome adversity and protect the Lands of Scientia?

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating literary work of art that celebrates the values of science, self-determination, and teamwork. Join the adventure and experience the magic of “Lands of Scientia” today!


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