If Dad Can Do It, So Can I I Jonathan Marshall


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I want to be just like my dad. If he can do it, so can I. You just wait and see!  

In this delightful story, a young boy looks up to his dad with awe and admiration, marveling at all the things his father can do. From fixing broken toys to building birdhouses, the father’s talents seem endless.

Inspired by his dad’s skills, the young protagonist decides to embark on his own journey of discovery. With determination and a sense of adventure, he sets out to try the same activities as his dad, eager to prove that he can do them too. Along the way, he encounters both successes and challenges, but his unwavering spirit keeps him going.

Filled with vibrant illustrations and a relatable storyline, “If Dad Can Do It, So Can I” is a celebration of the special bond between fathers and sons and the power of believing in oneself. This heartwarming tale will inspire young readers to embrace new challenges, believe in their own capabilities, and cherish the guidance and love of their parents. It is a perfect read-aloud book that teaches valuable life lessons while reinforcing the importance of family and self-confidence.


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