Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears I Dr. Jasmine Simmons


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“You are extraordinary!” Jordyn’s father says.

Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears is an encouraging story about a young girl passionate about space and self-advocacy. Join Jordyn as she overcomes judgment for her cochlear implant and hearing aid, uplifting children embracing their unique differences.

Key Features

1. Bionic Ears Unleashed: Jordyn fearlessly showcases the power of her cochlear implant and hearing aid, breaking stereotypes and inspiring children to embrace their own unique abilities.

2. Diversity Matters: Join Jordyn, a proud black girl with a disability, as she navigates the challenges of being different, promoting inclusivity and celebrating diversity.

3. Confidence Booster: Through Jordyn’s journey, readers witness the blossoming of confidence as she stands tall against societal norms. This story is an inspiration for children learning to appreciate their own strengths.

4. Social Emotional Learning: Dive deep into the emotional landscape of Jordyn’s experiences, fostering empathy, understanding, and resilience in young readers. This book is a valuable resource for parents, educators, and caregivers promoting social-emotional growth.

Why “Extraordinary Jordyn” is a Must-Read?

Extraordinary Jordyn and her Bionic Ears go beyond a children’s story – it’s a celebration of individuality, promoting self-love and acceptance.

  • Perfect for parents and teachers looking to instill confidence and resilience in young minds.
  • An excellent resource for initiating conversations about diversity, disability, and the importance of inclusion.
  • A captivating blend of imagination and reality that sparks curiosity about space and the limitless possibilities within ourselves.


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