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As summer winds down, the start of a new school year is quickly approaching.  The start of school, particularly this year may bring a number of emotions for both you and your child.  For some kids, this will be the first year they are entering a formal school building.  For others, they’ll be readjusting to how school looks and feels.  They may even have to adjust how they make and interact with friends. 

Starting school is one of the most impactful times in a child’s life for making friends.  Some kids will walk into their new classrooms confidently, while others will be too shy even to speak.  Some will ponder the question, “But what if I don’t make any friends?”

This month we’re adding encouraging books to our collection about starting school and making friends.  We have books that are “mirrors” for those kids that are as confident as can be, books that are tools for supporting kids that may worry about making friends, and some that show the challenges that come with maintaining good friendships.  Happy reading!

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