Happy New Year!  The beginning of a new year brings new commitments and a chance to start, restart, or adjust habits that we want to thrive.  Maybe one of your goals for 2024 is getting your young ones to read just a little more.  Well, this year’s SOCW January Reading Challenge for Kids is a kid-friendly, season-inspired reading challenge that makes reading an exciting game for your growing reader and an opportunity to find new books that they’ll love.  

This year, we wanted to kick it up a notch.  This challenge features 10 mini-reading goals for your child to complete across the month of January. The goals include a prompt for a type of book and, in most cases, an extension activity.   The new redesign includes a coloring sheet for kids to color prompts once completed.  We’ve included a few recommendations for each prompt. 

The goal is for your child to enjoy books throughout this month, so there is no right or wrong way to complete this challenge.  Your child can check off the books in any order and even revisit some goals with different books.  Remember, this is designed to be fun.  The more interesting ways kids find to engage with books, the more they’ll naturally grow into avid readers.   

January Reading Challenge

Book Ideas for This Month’s Reading Challenge

Not exactly sure where to start?  Here are some recommendations that might come in handy during this month’s challenge.