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June 2021 New Book Releases

June 2021 New Book Releases

With the end of the school year approaching, kids will be looking forward to those long lazy days.  This is the perfect time to add some new books to those summer reading lists.  We created a list of 8 new releases that we’re excited to get into the hands of some of our young readers this June. 



Paletero Man by  Lucky Diaz, Micah Player (Release Date: 6/1)

Who doesn’t like a cold treat on a hot day?  The ice cream man is a staple in most urban neighborhoods.  Follow the journey of a boy searching throughout his community for Paletero Man.  When he finally finds Paletero José, he doesn’t have any money.  What is he going to do?  This is a great book on community and kindness. (Ages 4-8)


Becoming Vanessa by Vanessa Brantley-Newton (Release date: 6/15)

From the author/illustrator of some of our favorite books comes a story of a girl that wants eagerly to make friends on her first day of school.  When her over-the-top outfit doesn’t get the kind of attention she was expecting, she begins to lose her confidence and just wants to blend in.  This is the perfect book to add to the first day of school, embracing your name or individuality and self-love collections.   (Ages 3-6)


Shirley Chisholm Dared: The Story of the First Black Woman in Congress by Alicia D. Williams, April Harrison (Release date: 6/1):  Shirley Chisholm is one of our she-roes, so we can’t wait to read more about her.  Discover the inspiring story of her life. (Ages 4-8)


Areli Is a Dreamer: A True Story by Areli Morales, a DACA Recipient by Areli Morales, Luisa Uribe (Release date: 6/8)

Follow Areli Morales’s immigration story from Mexico to New York City.  It details some of her experiences as a Dreamer that is now able to live the American Dream. (Ages 4-8)


The McClure Twins: Make It Fashion by Ava and Alexis McClure, Courtney Dawson (Release date: 6/29)

We love the McClure twins in real life, so we can’t wait to see their personalities shine in this book.  Ava and Alexis’s style couldn’t be more different.  When they have to decide what to wear for a fashion show, their twinship is put to the test.  What will they do?  (Ages 4-8)



Marcus Makes a Movie by Kevin Hart, David Cooper (Release date: 6/1)

Kevin Hart went from comedian to actor to now children’s book author. All Marcus wants to do is get away from Tyrell, the local bully and draw his comic books.   When he thinks he finds the perfect after-school program to escape to, he winds up in the movie-making class, which he is not thrilled about.  He realizes that he can make a movie out of his Toothpick comic books but doesn’t have a clue about how to make it happen.  He soon learns a lot about making movies and working with others.   (Ages 8-12)


Miles Morales: Shock Waves (Original Spider-Man Graphic Novel) by Justin A. Reynolds, Pablo Leon (Release date 6/1)

Miles Morales is truly our favorite Spider-Man.  In this graphic novel, Miles is still struggling to balance school and being a crime fighter. When his mom’s native island, Puerto Rico, is devastated by an earthquake, Miles knows he must do something.  He decides to host a fundraiser, but when a new student, Kyle’s father, goes missing, something doesn’t quite make sense.  How will he save the day?  There is plenty of adventure.  This is a must-have for those budding graphic novel fans. (Ages 8-12)


Generation Misfits by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Release date 6/29)

Millie gets to leave her home school life and attend a real school.  You already know that’s a recipe for all kinds of challenges.  Making friends and doing this “school” thing is tough but listening to her favorite J-Pop band, Generation Love makes it all better. When she gets a chance to join a J-Pop band, she starts to find her place.    There aren’t many books about the transition of homeschoolers to a traditional school, so it’s nice to see the expansion of the “transitioning to school” category. (Ages 8-12) 

What are some books that are favorites for the summer months?  Drop a comment below.  


You can find these and hundreds of other titles in our Bookshop collections.  We are constantly updating our selections.  Let us know what titles excite you.  


Kanika Mobley

Hi! I'm Kanika. I'm a mother and 20+ year educator. I started my career as a kindergarten teacher and fell in love with helping kids discover their reading identities. As they asked for certain books, I tried with all my might to keep the classroom library filled with high-engaging books that were both mirrors and windows for their experiences.

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