Happy New Year!  2020 created more space for us to find and do more of the things we love.  In 2020, my son and I read more, opening the door to so many more interesting conversations.   With so many amazing children’s books released last year, there was so much to read and talk about. 

Although much of the world stopped for a few months, 2021 doesn’t appear to be suffering from a shortage of books that we can anticipate reading.  This month we can look forward to books that continue to help kids understand that they are special and perfectly made, ones that teach about daring leaders, and there are plenty full of adventure.  Take a look at some that we can’t wait to get our hands on.  

Eyes that Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho, Dung Ho  (Release date: 1/5): This is a book about loving who you are.  A young girl notices that her eyes are different from her peers and takes readers through a poetic journey of love and affirmation through the lens of the women in her family.  Check out our “You Are Enough” collection for more books like this. (Ages 4-8)

C is for Country by Lil Nas X, Theodore Taylor (Release date: 1/5): If you couldn’t get enough of Old Town Road,  Lil Nas X is giving us a children’s book to bop to.  This book countrifies (probably not a real word) learning the ABC’s.  Great for toddlers and preschoolers.  (Ages 3-7)

Ambitious Girl by Meena Harris, Marissa Valdez (Release Date: 1/19): Meena Harris creates another picture book depicting “girl power.”  This is an empowering book to show that girls are not “too that” or “too this,” only strong, brave, and powerful. (Ages 4-8)

My Friend! by Taye Diggs  (Release date: 1/5)

Taye Diggs and Shane Evans team up again, this time showing us what it means to be a friend.  Check out Chocolate Me and Mixed Me for more from this dynamic duo.  (Ages 4-8)



Stella’s Stellar Hair by Yesenia Moises (Release date: 1/5)

What’s a girl to do when her hair isn’t ready to be managed on the day of the Big Star Little Gala? Well, this space traveler journeys across the solar system looking for the perfect style.   (Ages 4-8)



She Persisted: Harriet Tubman by Andrea Davis Pinkney (Release date 1/5): In line with Chelsea Clinton’s best-seller She Persisted, this is one of many chapter books focused on the lives of brave women that persisted.  Through this biography, readers learn about the life of Harriet Tubman. (Ages 6-9)  

Mia Mayhem and the Super Switcheroo by Kara West, Leeza Hernandez (Release date: 1/12): In this tenth volume of the Mia Mayhem series, Mia has quite the problem.  She wakes up, and all of her superpowers have disappeared, yet her best friend Eddie miraculously can do things he’s never done before.  What are they going to do? How will they end this switcheroo? If your child loves adventure, this is a great book to add to their collection. (Ages 6-9)

Stella Diaz Dreams Big by Angela Dominguez (Release date: 1/12): In this third book in the series, Stella has grown a lot.  She’s no longer dealing with fitting in. Now, she has almost the opposite problem.  She’s overextended herself with clubs,  lessons, and projects and she feels completely overwhelmed.  How will she learn to balance her time? (Ages 6-9)



VIP: Lews Latimer: Engineering Wizard by Denise Lewis Patrick, Daniel Duncan (Release date 1/5): If your child is a fan of the Who Was series, this will be a perfect book to add to their library.  This biography details the life of Lewis Latimer, one of the greatest inventors of his time.  This book pairs well with VIP: Mae Jemison: Brave Rocketeer,also dropping on the same day. (Ages 8-12)  

Root Magic by Eden Royce (Release date 1/5):  Set in 1963, everything feels different for Jezebel Turner.  Her beloved grandmother died, and she is entering middle school a year earlier than her twin brother Jay.   Not to mention a local police officer keeps harassing her family because they practice root magic.  Now that Jez and Jay have turned eleven, they begin the tradition of learning rootwork too.  Jez comes to learn that it’s a lot more than what she’d imagined and requires a lot of responsibility. This a great book to pair with The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste. (Ages 8-12)  


The Comeback: A Figure Skating Novel by E.L. Chen (Release date 1/19): Maxine Chen is on the verge of making it to the national scene as a figure skater, and then Hollie, a more talented figure skater, moves to her hometown of Lake Placid.  As Maxine gives it all she has, she is faced with the challenges of bullying and constant microaggressions at school.  Will Maxine be able to juggle all of the challenges and regain her confidence?   (Ages 8-12)  

Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston (Release date 1/19):   This is great for those lovers of the Tristan Strong, Percy Jackson-type fantasy books, but with a #blackgirlmagic twist. Amari can’t understand why everyone is not in more of an uproar when her older brother Quinton goes missing.  When she finds some clues and an invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, Amari is sure she’ll be able to uncover what happened to Quinton.  Will she ultimately get the answers that she’s looking for?   (Ages 8-12)  

Take Back the Block by Chrystal D. Giles (Release date 1/26):  Wes is not really invested in the protests his activist mom drags him to.  All he has on his mind is starting middle school. As he notices things in his neighborhood changing rapidly, a developer puts in an offer to buy it.  Wes passionately works to save his community.  Will he be strong enough to fight off the developers, or will Kensington Oaks turn into just another posh condo community?  This book is great for those kids who love reading books that focus on social justice issues. (Ages 8-12)  


What are you excited to check out as 2021 rolls in?  Drop a comment below.  

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