Fatherly Tales: Stories of a Colorful World’s Father’s Day Book Recommendations

Fatherly Tales: Stories of a Colorful World's Father's Day Book Recommendations

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fantastic children’s books that will make dads everywhere smile, laugh, and feel extra loved? There’s something special about the relationship between a father and daughter. Dads can be loving, funny, encouraging, sensitive, and strong. They may be fathers, grandfathers, or father figures.

We’ve gathered a collection of recommendations that are sure to bring joy to dads and kids alike. So, let’s dive into this fun-filled Father’s Day book extravaganza! These books can be the perfect gift to make that time together even more special for the whole family.

Daddy-Daughter Day

Author: Pierce Freelon

Illustrator: Olivia Duchess

A celebration of the love #girldads share with their daughters, musician Pierce Freelon’s picture book debut is a joyous anthem brought to life by Olivia Duchess’s beautiful and adorable illustrations. 

Ages: 4-8

Price: $15.99

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A Morning With Grandpa

Author: Sylvia Liu

Illustrator: Christina Forshay

In this sweet, slice-of-life story, a curious and active Asian American girl spends the day learning tai chi from her grandfather, and in turn, tries to teach him how to do yoga.

Ages: 2-6

Price: $11.99

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Hair Twins

Author: Raakhee Mirchandani

Illustrator: Holly Hatem

A Sikh father and daughter with a special hair bond proudly celebrate and share a family tradition in this charming story perfect for fans of Hair Love and I Love My Hair!

Ages: 4-8

Price: $15.99

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I Am Perfectly Designed

Author: Karamo Brown

Illustrator: Anoosha Syed

In this empowering ode to modern families, a boy and his father take a joyful walk through the city, discovering all the ways in which they are perfectly designed for each other.

Ages: 4-8

Price: $17.99

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I'll Be Right There

Author: Jonathan Marshall

Illustrator: Julia Orthey

This is an awesome book not just for fathers and sons, but for anyone parenting little ones when they get scared at night. It is a great reminder to tell your little ones you will be there to support them.

Ages: 3-6

Price: $11.99

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Little Mr. Fix-It Assists with the To-Do List

Author: Micaela Benn

Illustrator: Erica N. Ramsey-Bowen

It’s Saturday morning in the Jefferson household, and Josiah, better known as Little Mr. Fix It, is eager to spend the day with his dad checking off items on their to-do list! Find out how they work together throughout the day, and what Mrs. Jefferson has waiting for them after a job well done.

Ages: 3-6

Price: $18.99

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Rafa Counts on Papa

Author: Joe Cepeda

For fans of Guess How Much I Love You? and Just Me and My Dad comes a heartwarming story perfect for Father’s Day about a son and his papá who love to measure everything, including their love for each other.

Ages: 4-8

Price: $15.99

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Jada Jones #6 Nature Lover

Author: Kelly Starling-Lyons

Jada is thrilled when she gets to go on an outdoor class field trip with her Pop Pop, a nature lover, as a chaperone. She can’t wait to show him off to her friends–and show him what she knows. But the trip has some twists along the way, including a soaring zip line she’s not sure she wants to try. What happens when Jada’s shining moment starts to lose its luster?

Ages: 6-9

Price: $6.99

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Wednesday and Woof

Author: Sherri Winston

Can Wednesday and her service dog, Woof, sniff out Mrs. Winter’s missing cat before her big trip? This is the first book of a fun full-color early chapter book series about the best detectives in the Midwest!

Ages: 6-9

Price: $5.99

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Isaiah Dunn Is My Hero

Author: Kelly J. Baptiste

Isaiah is now the big man of the house. But it’s a lot harder than his dad made it look. His little sister, Charlie, asks too many questions, and Mama’s gone totally silent.

Good thing Isaiah can count on his best friend, Sneaky, who always has a scheme for getting around the rules. Plus, his classmate Angel has a few good ideas of her own–once she stops hassling Isaiah.

And when things get really tough, there’s Daddy’s journal, filled with stories about the amazing Isaiah Dunn, a superhero who gets his powers from beans and rice. Isaiah wishes his dad’s tales were real. He could use those powers right about now!

Ages: 8-12

Price: $7.99

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Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

Author: Pablo Cartaya

One boy’s search for his father leads him to Puerto Rico in this moving middle-grade novel, for fans of Ghost and See You in the Cosmos.

Ages: 812

Price: $7.99

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