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1. What is Stories of a Colorful World?

Stories of a Colorful World (SOCW) is a monthly subscription box service that aims to inspire, motivate and empower young readers by providing a curated selection of children’s books that center around the stories of characters of color.

2. How do I subscribe to the Stories of a Colorful World monthly book boxes?

Step 1, select a book club. We offer three clubs: The Electric Explorers for ages 3-5 years old, the Amazing Adventurers for ages 6-9 years old, and the Valiant Voyagers for ages 10-12.   Step 2, select a subscription plan. Step 3, receive your box right at your door monthly.

3. What’s inside of the book club box?

Boxes include 2-3 books that are handpicked for the age group you selected. Each box also includes an activity guide that has a description of the theme of the month, an introduction to each of the authors and activities connected to the theme and books.

4. What age ranges do you serve?

We offer book club subscriptions for ages 3-12 years old. Our Electric Explorer Club is designed for kids ages 3-5 years old. Our Amazing Adventurers is designed for kids ages 6-9 years old. Our Valiant Voyagers is designed for kids ages 10-12 years old.

5. What types of subscription plans do you offer?

We offer monthly subscription options for each age group as well as pre-paid 3-month, 6-month and 12-month plans. For example, if you select the 6 month pre-pay option, your boxes will come for 6 consecutive months and the plan will automatically renew on the 16th of the 6th month unless you previously canceled the subscription.
We also offer an option to receive a shipment every other month. This means that your subscription will automatically renew on the 2nd of the alternate month unless you previously canceled the subscription.

6. How much does it cost?

Monthly boxes are priced at $29.99 plus $4.99 for shipping. Discounts are applied to longer-term plans. Sales tax applies to GA residents. Plans automatically renew. You may cancel your renewal at any time.
Total cost is only an estimate and actual cost can be seen at checkout.

7. Can I purchase multiple boxes?

Yes, you can sign up for multiple boxes if you have kids in both club groups. If you want books for both age groups delivered every month, we offer a 15% discount off the second subscription. The discount is only applied to book boxes shipping to the same address. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, send us an email.

8. When will my subscription be renewed?

Subscriptions renew on the 2nd of the month.

9. When will I receive my first box?

If you sign up before 11:59pm EST on the 1st of the month, your box will be shipped on the 15th of the month.

10. How does the billing work?

You will be billed on the 2nd of the month. Subscriptions renew automatically.

11. Can I switch my subscription plan?

Yes, you can switch from one plan option to another by sending us an EMAIL by 11:59 pm EST on the last day of the month in order to follow a different subscription plan at the end of your term. For example, if you pre-pay for a 3-month subscription plan and want to switch to the monthly plan, simply send us an email. At the end of the 3-month term, you will be renewed for a monthly subscription plan.

12. Do you ship internationally?

No, we currently offer shipping to anywhere within the United States.

13. How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send us an EMAIL and we’ll get you all sorted out. You must request the cancellation of your monthly subscription by 11:59 pm EST on the last day of the month in order to not receive next month’s box.
 If you want to cancel a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription plan, cancel by 11:59pm EST on the last day of the month and your subscription will not renew at the end of your subscription term.

14. Can I request a book box that is gender specific?

No, but we try to create boxes that are gender neutral.

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