About Us

Carefully Curated Books to Empower Kids

Stories of a Colorful World is a children’s book retailer that understands every child deserves to see themselves in the books they read. Co-founded by Kanika Mobley and Vanessa Mitchell, we want to help families who want to raise confident kids find books that empower them. 

Our Story

Stories of a Colorful World was founded by two long-time Spelman College friends (Abby Hall!), Kanika Mobley and Vanessa Mitchell, who struggled to find books that mirrored the images and experiences of the children in our lives.

We believe that parents and educators shouldn’t be relegated to the “ethnic” aisle in the bookstore or overwhelmed by the search engine rabbit hole.

We can help! We research, source, and test out quality children’s books that will instill a love of reading in your young people and help them grow into lifelong learners.