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About Courtney

About Courtney

You may be wondering “Who is Courtney, and why does she have a corner?” Well, I am here to tell you that there are good reasons for me to have this space all to myself. For as long as I have been Courtney Jackson, I have been drawn to teaching little ones, and they have likewise been drawn to learning from me.

Since I was a naïve, wide-eyed graduate from Spelman College, I have always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I recognized early on that a strong kindergarten education was the foundation needed for a successful school trajectory. Not long after my teaching journey began, I quickly realized that learning begins well before a child enters the classroom.

My firm belief that all children have the ability to flourish within an environment where they feel safe, loved, and capable, is rooted in a wealth of functional hands-on Early Childhood Education experience. My career-span includes time in charter schools in Texas, public schools in Georgia, and schools of both types (including Head Start) in Washington, D.C. It has taken a lot of stamina and grit to devote nearly two decades to teaching in low-income areas, but it makes it easier to fight the good fight knowing that your efforts are for the betterment of little Black boys and girls.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Spelman College, and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Central Michigan University, I have developed a reputation as a wielder of best practices, focusing on sound pedagogy and developmentally appropriate methods. As a seasoned early childhood champion, I continue to successfully partner with parents, administrators, and other educators in a child-first collaborative spirit to meet the educational needs of all children.

My professional experience plays a huge role in informing what I bring to my corner every week. I have extensive experience as a lead teacher in early childhood settings, with proven success in student achievement, as well as the mentorship and coaching of teachers and paraprofessionals. As an educational consultant, I have worked side-by-side with young children, families, teachers, and administrators to re-examine deeply held beliefs and patterns of teaching and learning. Currently, I am Assistant Director of an Early Childhood Learning Center, and my goal is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the connections between technology, pedagogy, and curriculum for the community in which I live and serve. Now that you know what brings me to you, I want to welcome you to my corner, and to our journey together in developing our little ones’ sense of self, curiosity, and life-long learning.

Creatively yours,

Kanika Mobley

Hi! I'm Kanika. I'm a mother and 20+ year educator. I started my career as a kindergarten teacher and fell in love with helping kids discover their reading identities. As they asked for certain books, I tried with all my might to keep the classroom library filled with high-engaging books that were both mirrors and windows for their experiences.

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