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2021 Summer Reading List

Marcus Makes a Movie

Author: Kevin Hart & Geoff Rodkey

Illustrator: David Cooper

From the comedian and actor Kevin Hart, meet Marcus.  All he wants to do is get away from Tyrell. the local bully and draw his comics.  Journey with him as he brings his comics to life.

Ages: 8-12

Price: $15.63

Sophie Washington: The Snitch

Author: Tonya Duncan Ellis

What will Sophie do when she encounters a school bully?  Will she risk telling and being labeled a snitch?

Ages: 8-12

Price: $7.99

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The Stars Beneath Our Feet

Author: David Barclay Moore

Lolly is trying to find ways to cope with the death of his brother.  When his mom’s girlfriend brings him a garbage bag filled with legos, he finds a world that helps him heal in unexpected ways.

Ages: 8-12

Price: $15.99

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Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

Author: Jessica Kim

Yumi Chung is a shy girl that has the heart of a stand-up comedian.  When she stumbles on a comedy camp led by her idol Jasmine Jasper, she is mistaken for another camper.  Will she be able to live this double life?

Ages: 9-12

Price: $8.27

Stamped for Kids

Author: Sonja Cherry-Paul, Jason Reynolds,  Ibram X. Kendi

First adapted for YA and now for younger readers.  This book unpacks racist ideas and helps explain racism’s long history in America and how we can actively stamp it out. 

Ages: 8-12

Price: $14.71

Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers

Author: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s inspiring story has been adapted for young readers.  They’ll learn about her life growing up on the Southside of Chicago through becoming the First Lady of the United States. 

Ages: 10+

Price: $17.47

The Season of Styxx Malone

Author: Kekla Magoon

When Caleb and his brother Gene trade their baby sister for fireworks, what could possibly go wrong?  Everything.  Their baby sister is returned but they are left stuck with the fireworks.  But of course, mysterious, slick-talking Styxx Malone steps in to work it all out.  Again, what could possibly go wrong? 

Ages: 8-12

Price: $7.35

The Vanished (Shuri: A Black Panther Novel #2)

Author: Nic Stone

Everyone fell in love with Princess Shuri.  In this graphic novel, readers follow Shuri as she tries to uncover the mystery of missing girls.

Ages: 8-12

Price: $16.55

Isaiah Dunn Is My Superhero

Author: Kelly J. Baptiste

Ten-year-old Isaiah Dunn is trying to be the hero that his dad writes about in his journals, but he struggles. As his family struggles with the loss of his dad, he clings to his dad’s journals for hope and to escape his current reality

Ages: 8-10

Price: $15.63

Amari and the Night Brothers

Author: B.B. Alston

When Amari’s brother unexpectedly goes missing, it seems as though everyone has given up looking for him.  She decides to take matters into her own hands.  Her only hope is getting into the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs.  Will she be able to secure a spot against kids that have known magic their entire lives?

Ages: 8-12

Price: $16.55


Author: Kwame Alexander

Meet soccer phenom, Nick Hall.  While dealing with a school bully and finding the confidence to approach his crush, Nick is also grappling with his feelings around his parent’s impending divorce.  With the help of an ex-rapper/librarian, Mr. Mac, he is inspired and challenged to turn to books for the words to express how he truly feels. 

Ages: 10-12

Price: $11.99

$11.99Add to cart

First Rule of Punk

Author: Celia Pérez

When María Luisa’s mom gets a job in Chicago, she has to leave her father and everything familiar for two years. Not only that, her mom just doesn’t get her dislike for cilantro, Zines, and especially not her love for punk.  If she can only remember the first rule of punk.

Ages: 9-12

Price: $15.99

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New Kid

Author: Jerry Craft

When Jordan’s parents enroll him into a mostly white prep school, he has to figure out how to remain true to himself, while navigating between two worlds. 

Ages: 8-12

Price: $11.95

Ana Maria Does Not Live in a Castle

Author: Hilda Eunice Burgos

11-year old, Ana Maria (Anamay), lives in a crowded apartment with her parents and siblings.  She thinks there’s barely any time or space for her and now her mom is having another baby.   A trip to the Dominican Republic to see relatives helps her learn to appreciate her family and culture.

Ages: 9-12

Price: $17.43

Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

Author: Pablo Cartaya

Most kids clear out of the way when Marcus Vega walks down the hall.  As a six-foot, 180-pound 8th grader, it’s not possible to blend into the crowd.  He’s often misunderstood.  When a chance encounter with a bully leaves him suspended, his mom decides a family trip to his father’s homeland of Puerto Rico is in order.  His trip allows him to leave with something much more valuable than he could have imagined.

Ages: 10-12

Price: $8.27

Amina's Song

Author: Hena Khan

It’s the last few days of her vacation in Pakistan, and Amina loved every minute of it.  With school starting soon, she can’t wait to share all she’s learned with her friends.  She only hopes that she can keep her promise to her uncle and bring the beauty of Pakistan back to America. 

Ages: 8-12

Price: $16.55

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